Unified communication and collaboration enabling businesses to work from home

5th May 2020

Lockdown due to COVID-19 crisis forced a large section of the global workforce to start working from home in a very short span of time, unplanned, and with limited resources. WFH was not an option for every industry. Even for the industries where this was an option, there was struggle initially to facilitate work. Various software tools and technologies have played an important role in streamlining the work and Unified Communication and Collaboration is at the forefront.

Work from home came with a lot of challenges like difficulty in interaction, reduced employee engagement, inadequate work supervision, meetings with hindrances, unpredictable call handling and much more. UC&C offered effective ways to address these challenges.

Telemedicine has proved itself a weapon during fight against COVID-19

15th April 2020

No doubt the Coronavirus outbreak has changed lives in so many ways. Shackles of social distancing and lockdown have been tightening their grip every day affecting significantly the lives of people.

Where the spread of coronavirus infection is a big threat faced by the doctors and other medical professionals, Telemedicine has come to the fore as a key technology for safe and efficient communications. It is emerging as the way forward for smooth functioning of healthcare services.

A Telemedicine Platform creates a virtual clinic where a doctor can consult a remotely located patient through secure video-conferencing. The platform enables them to share test reports, review past medical records, write prescriptions, generate bill and make online payments, all with data security considerations. More advanced platforms also integrate medical devices such as digital stethoscopes and ECG monitors. Entire conversation, as well as data and documents generated, are saved for future reference. As an added benefit, multiple doctors or medical organizations can collaborate easily as they can share access to information.

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