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SpringCT has Announced Availability of ProCONF
ProCONF is video communication platform that SpringCT offers with code licensing. A business can easily integrate ProCONF with their existing websites and mobile apps to replace third party services like Twilio, and deploy in their own cloud infrastructure. They can also customize the code to meet their unique business needs.
SpringCT Announces Aria an AI Based Chatbot and Digital Human Framework
ARIA is a highly scalable digital human framework from SpringCT that can automate repetitive tasks. This comprehensive digital assistant can handle use cases like appointment booking, customer support, and training by Interacting with users in a friendly conversational manner.
Hacksprint V5.0- Sponsored by SpringCT
We proudly sponsored a national-level hackathon at Marathwada Mitra Mandal's College of Engineering, Pune. Guiding and evaluating young talents and supporting events like these is our passion, empowering the next generation to shine with their innovative ideas!
Rotary's Best Partner in Service
Rotary honors SpringCT as valuable parter in social service! We are grateful for this recognition also committed to community Impact. Thanks for the Award, Rotary! Looking Forward to Brighter Futures Together!
HIPAA Compliance for Healthcare IT
Compliance with HIPAA Privacy Rules is critical for protection of a patient’s personal and health data. Here are some critical insights into achieving compliance for a software product.
SpringCT Celebrates 16th Anniversary
Company celebrated 16 years of exceptional growth, innovation, and success on 27th June 2023.
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