Spring CT brings in substantial domain knowledge through experience of working with world leaders in various industries. Our teams bring to each client a combination of in-depth industry knowledge along with a perspective of technology usage in other industries. Focus on specific industries helps us keep track of market trends in those industries. Based on this knowledge, we have contributed on several occassions in the development of product roadmap for our customers. Our teams also contribute effectively in developing product specifications from a high level product idea from the customer.

These are some key industries served by Spring CT

  • Media and Entertainment

    As an effect of digital revolution, consumers want entertainment at their fingertips - closer than ever before and at all the times. Mobile devices have become popular platforms for accessing movies, songs and real time TV content. Spring CT works with various broadcasting companies, media houses, distributors, and technology companies to build products that help them deliver their content to mobile devices.


    • Media server implementation, media encoding, format conversion
    • Live streaming, playback of recorded content, caching on the device, offline playback
    • Monitoring of network conditions, adaptive streaming
    • Digital Rights Management, integration with Marlin DRM services
    • Scanning media in local memory, upload to server
    • Audio/Video capture from the phone, live streaming and upload
    • Integration with social networks
    • Analytics, notifications, campaign management, in-app purchase
  • Enterprise Security

    With increasing adaptation to BYOD, organizations are sensitive to the security of the data on the mobile devices. Device owners are also increasingly concerned about the security of data, and security of transactions. Spring CT works with various enterprise security and device security companies helping them develop products related to mobile device management, containerization and virus/malware protection.


    • Frameworks like Apple MDM, Google for Work, Samsung KNOX, Microsoft MDM
    • Secure Launchers apps, app wrapping/containerization
    • Secure browsing, secure chat, secure emails, secure editors and other secure clients
    • Expense Management, network usage monitoring, call/SMS logs and blocking
    • Remote device administration/troubleshooting, device profiles, user management, alert mechanisms, remote lock/wipe, passcode management
    • Security aspects like encryption, VPN and DLP controls
    • Data security, virus protection, malware scanning
    • Location based risk profiling, geo-fencing, time-fencing
    • Device performance monitors (cpu/memory/battery)
    • Location tracking with minimal power consumption
    • Personal data synchronization with data backup servers
  • Digital Commerce
    Businesses are taking advantage of mobile commerce by utilizing a number of mobile capabilities such as location-based services, NFC and barcode scanning, and push notifications to improve consumer experience. Purchases from mobile devices as well as use of mobile wallet applications is growing rapidly. Spring CT works with leading Financial Services companies, Value-Added Service providers and Security Technology companies to build compelling products in this space.


    • Mobile Banking
    • Mobile Payments
    • Mobile ticketing
    • Mobile marketing and advertising
    • Gift vouchers, coupons, loyalty cards
    • In-app purchase
    • Analytics, notifications, campaign management
    • Location-based services
  • eLearning

    Mobile learning is catching up quickly. More and more schools and corporates are moving toward the technology to take advantage of devices that offer portability and ease of use on a budget. SpringCT works with content developers, educational institutes and LMS product companies to build Mobile Learning solutions.


    • Online as well as offline access to content
    • Offline tracking and reporting of SCORM events
    • Secure content storage on mobile devices and protection of digital rights
    • Assessments and progress tracking
    • Activity planners
    • Mechanisms for student-teacher interaction
    • Integration with Mobile Device Management (MDM)
    • Analytics, notifications, campaign management, in-app purchase