Spring CT was founded by a group of professionals with outstanding product development background that captures the essence of product engineering throughout product life cycle from conceptualization, design, development, release, support, through to obsolescence management.

Spring CT is led by a very hands-on management team experienced in the domains and technologies we address. An Advisory Board comprising eminent persons with a rich collective experience in design, engineering, marketing and corporate finance in related businesses guides the organization.

Members of our engineering team have several years of product engineering experience and substantial domain knowledge in Digital Media and Entertainment, Networking, Data Security, Unified Communication and Industrial Automation. Their experience of working on critical product development with world leaders in these industries helps us stay at the top of technology landscape and the best practices used by the businesses worldwide.

Started with the small team of five engineers, focused entirely on embedded development, our engineering team has grown to over 200 engineers located at two development centers in India at Pune and Bengaluru.

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Spring CT, like the season of Spring, is a place for new life being born, renewal, and growth. In the context of our business this applies to the development of new products and the development of technologies that enable them. It also applies to the personal and professional growth of our entire community, which includes our employees, owners, customers, suppliers and business partners.

Our vision is to become a competitive advantage for our customers in utilizing the latest technology to build compelling new products and to quickly expand their product portfolio. Spring CT team desires to leverage its global exposure to R&D and product development to make a significant contribution in shaping Outsourced Product Development industry and to establish itself as a thought leader in this space.

The following core values help us realize our vision:

Integrity is a principle we value the most in our personal as well as professional conduct. Professionally, it means the willingness to share our true opinions with the team, ability to keep the commitments we make, complete adherence to applicable rules and regulations, and commitment to ethical business practices.

Trust, Transparency and Freedom of Expression
We want to trust capabilities and positive intensions of every member of our community. Trust helps us maintain adequate transparency with everyone related to a decision or an action. Our ability and willingness to share ideas and opinions without the fear of consequences helps us arrive at better decisions and understand the decisions better. Trust, transparency and freedom of expression together help in aligning thoughts, desires and objectives thereby maximizing efficiency of the organization.

Commitment to R&D
We want to ensure excellent commitment to R&D as a means to achieve true cutting edge product engineering capability. With our R&D capability we wish to help our customers in developing technologies that will help realize their advanced product ideas.

The very thought of accepting a challenging assignments excites us. Be it a demanding project for a customer, developing expertise on an emerging technology, R&D to solve a complex problem, or bringing about an organizational change, we always stand up and accept the challenge. Once accepted, we deal with it with regor, through meticulous planning, ensured availability of required skills, complete organizational commitment, and such. Successful completion of an assignment is always rewarding for the individuals, the organization, our customers and the community at large.

Mohan Chaubal [Chief Executive Officer]

Mohan is a founding member and Chief Executive Officer of Spring CT. As an entrepreneur, Mohan has played an integral role in establishing the vision for the company and the business process. Mohan brings in 25 years of rich experience in development of high technology electronic and software products, and mission critical applications. He has contributed to the development of value proposition, processes, and systems for new service offerings on several occasions. Mohan's focus at Spring CT is on long-term business strategies, strategic partnership development and organization development.

Prior to founding Spring CT, Mohan established Product Engineering Services business at a leading IT services company in Pune, and the entire service offering was developed under his leadership. Mohan started his career as an engineer and specialized in real-time communication and control systems and their application in various domains such as Industrial Automation, Networking/Communication, and Automotive Electronics.

Mohan studied MS in Computer Science from Pune University, followed by management education at IIM, Bengaluru.

Raghav Sandhane [Vice President - Business Development]

Raghav is a founding member of Spring CT and an accomplished executive. Raghav is responsible for marketing and sales functions at Spring CT. He has been instrumental in early success of the company through acquisition of prestigious customers.

Prior to founding Spring, he managed sales function for Product Engineering Services business at Jopasana Software & Systems Ltd, where he was also responsible for setting up sales infrastructure and processes. Raghav has sound understanding of business management function and business processes, and a good insight into organizational behavior.

Raghav studied Bachelor of Engineering from Pune University, followed by MBA with specialization in Marketing. Raghav began his career with Honeywell, as a member of their sales team in India.

Amit Dagade [Director Engineering]

Amit Dagade is a Security and Communication Systems expert with over 15 years of experience in domains such as Consumer Electronics, Automation, and Security. He has thorough expertise in building communication frameworks, protocol stacks and device drivers having done this on several occasions for varied applications. Amit has developed excellent understanding of product life cycle in this space and has won customer accolades for his contribution in developing product roadmaps for their new products.

Supported by a capable team of engineers, Amit carries the responsibility of engineering management of mobile software development projects ranging from platform software to cutting edge applications .

Amit studied Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Telecommunication at Pune University.

Nilesh Gawande [Sr. Solutions Architect]

Nilesh is a seasoned delivery manager having successfully built more than 50 technology centric products for customers. He has delivered large and complex solutions in areas like enterprise software and business applications. He brings good knowledge of designing for highly scalable application for large user base. His expertise includes building commercially rich software, handling large data inventories, performance optimization, and scalability.

Nilesh also plays a key role in developing engineering practices at Spring CT. He is also responsible for implementing Agile product development practises through out the organization.

Nilesh has studied MS in Computer Science from Pune University.

Akash Anchliya [Engineering Manager]

Akash is a founding member of Spring CT. He has rich experience of software development for security software companies helping them in their product roadmap. He brings good knowledge of platform specific issues and complex software designs. Akash has lead embedded software development projects for networking devices in the past.

Akash also contributes in keeping track of upcoming technologies and developing in-house expertise.

Akash studied MS in Computer Science from Pune University. He is also a visiting faculty at Pune University.

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